• PRAGMA Kick Boxing/Strengthening Program

  • Mireu PRAGMA Kick Boxing - Monday through Saturday 6:00 am to 7:00 am

    PRAGMA is a kickboxing and conditioning program with an emphasis on reality training.  This class is for ages 13 years old and older men and women who want to improve there over all fitness.  

    PRAGMA consists of an achievement driven program:
    • Conditioning and skills classes Monday thru Saturday. 
    • Kickboxing classes Monday and Thursday,
    • Strength training classes Tuesday and Friday
    • Mobility class each Wednesday.
    • Skill development; focus on correct form while performing punches, kicks, and all other techniques offered each Saturday.
    PRAGMA kickboxing consists of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes. 
    PRAGMA strength and mobility training are applicable to all martial arts, and focus on movements and exercises specific to gaining
    strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
    PRAGMA skills training will focus on the development of kickboxing skills in a controlled, low intensity environment. The emphasis is on breaking down specific kicks, punches, blocks, and defensive techniques, and working with participants on an individual level to
    improve form and technique.
    PRAGMA endorses the Real Nutrition plan, offered to all participants. Real Nutrition is based upon a reasonable and sustainable diet of whole foods in the right proportions. This plan is also adaptable to all lifestyles, eating habits, and nutritional needs. Materials are provided to all participants, as well as one-on-one coaching as needed.
    PRAGMA Team members act as coaches, as well as leaders, whether it be with one-on-one exercise instruction, motivation, or nutritional advice. To ensure every participant reaches their own personal goals, every team member will make helping their number one priority.
    • Individuals can start any time.  2 free trial classes.
    • Cost $69 a month/6 month program $79 a month/1 year program.
    • Gloves, wraps and t-shirts available for sale at start up.