Kumdo Classes

Classes are divided into sword application and sparring classes. Sword application includes strong emphasis on basic sword technique, step sparring and forms. Students will begin with using a wooden sword for safety to learn how to block, strikes and slash. Step sparring teaches real sword techniques to defend and counter attack; the emphasis is on mental discipline and developing reflexes.

Sparring classes include physical conditioning drills to improve health and speed and endurance as well as target practice to improve striking skills. All of this is combined into practice sparring matches, where students test their skills in competition. Advanced students practice live blade cutting with reed mats. Kum Do is great for students who want to develop mental agility and improve their physical health.

• Kum Do is both physical and psychological training.
• Kum (sword) with a sword one can practice to improve one’s physical ability by practicing various attacks and blocks.

For ages 12 and older.




6:30 to 7:30
Kumdo Class




6:30 to 7:30
Kumdo Class