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2024 Calendar

2024 schedule-events, testing and tournaments

Hello Everyone

We had an amazing 2023 and I want to thank all of you for your support. We continue to grow in numbers and we have added several new programs and events.

I’m very excited for 2024

We have so much fun planned with the intentions to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other and build a strong community.

Upcoming Events

Many students have asked about the Nerf Gun War - Due to current events - war and increase in school shootings I do not feel comfortable at this time with this event.

Add these dates to your schedule

1/20 Movie Night 6:30-9:00 @ the dojang movie to be shown to be determined.

Kungfu Panda Friday 3/8/24
Lets attend this movie at Coral Ridge Cinema Time not listed yet.

May 5th Houses to Homes 9 am - 1:00 PM Volunteer opportunity as a community. Meets testing requirement to volunteer 1 time a month. Load truck and Deliver furniture to individuals in need.

June 29th Dojang Clean Up - We need volunteers to take mats outside ,power wash mats, scrub and put back in dojang. Other minor clean up. This will count towards volunteering requirement for testing.

7/27 Lost Island - Lets go to the water park together in waterloo for the day. We can carpool.

September 7th GM Birthday Kent Park camp out @ youth camp. Tent camping 5:00pm 6th stay over and enjoy breakfast at the campfire. Everyone brings own food and supplies for supper and breakfast. We can go fishing on the 7th.

October 26th Halloween Party


1/27 Reach for the Stars, Beginner WT Style Tournament. Marshalltown. 4 tournaments or less. This is a very very good beginners tournament.

2/24 Guardian Tournament. Cedar Rapids, close, we want to get as many people as possible.

3/9/24 Gibsons’s Tournament – ITF Tournament in Grinnell - very good ITF Tournament. Trophies are hand made and you can meet my Grandmaster and many other high Dan Masters/Grandmasters,


Asia Fest Coralville 5/18. Tavern Blue afterwards. We would love everyone to attend this and then go paly games and eat at Tavern Blue.

July 4th Parade - All students and families can be in the parade. We will once again make a float all students assist with this project.

Testing Schedule for 2024

Make Up Testing Mr. Chagande in February 17th testing for 2nd Poom

June Testing – Mr Commelus - testing for 4th Dan Masters, Mrs Galindo testing for 4th Dan Master, Mr. Bennett testing for 3rd Dan , Mr. Lyke Testing for 3rd Dan, Mr. Messimer Testing for 3rd Dan, Scott, Ben, Rory Testing for 1st dan/Poom All Blackbelts Need to be coming regularly, have a training plan.

Testing Dates:

2/17 Make up BB Testing


6/15 BB Testing



12/14 BB Testing

All events, tournaments, testing should keep us all busy and best part is we get to play together, work hard together and meet other martial artist outside of our dojang.

Let 2024 adventures begin.

Grandmaster Matthews

Iowa Farmers Kick It with TaeKwonDo

Master Lonnie Matthews Featured on cover (Bottom Left Corner)

Mireu Martial Arts Article feature

~TaeKwonDo Times