Inner School Tournament of Dragons

March 26, 2022
8am - 3 pm
$10 per student $30 family pre register by 3-23-22
Food for sale snack, lunch 
Booster Club fund raiser

Movie Night

May 28, 2022
6:30pm - 9:30pm
$5 per student 
Booster Club fund raiser

Camp out Kent Park

September 10, 2022 and September 11, 2022
Details to be announced

2022 promotion test schedule

Feb 19
April 16
May 14 Black Belt
June 18 
Aug 20
Oct 22
Dec 17 Black Belt

Past Events
Holiday Party 

Iowa Farmers Kick It with TaeKwonDo
Master Lonnie Matthews Featured on cover (Bottom Left Corner)

Mireu Martial Arts Article feature

 ~TaeKwonDo Times



Kumdo by Master Nick Cusmano
Master Cusmano explores Kumdo history and benefits of
this traditional martial art at Mireu Martial Arts.

Mireu Martial Arts Kumdo page 9 to 13

Mireu Kumdo Published March 2020 Taekwondo Times

March 2020