Introductory classes in Kyudo Renmei through Mireu Martial Arts.

Tuesday nights 7:30-8:30 PM , members from the Kyudo group in Cedar Rapids will come and provide instruction in use of the ‘yumi,’ or Japanese longbow. Here’s what you need to know:

  • What is Kyudo? Traditional Japanese archery. There are many styles of Kyudo, but the one taught in Iowa is Kyudo Renmei, the most common, contemporary form of Kyudo. You will learn how to effectively utilize the Japanese longbow as an individual archer, but also how to participate in group ceremonies, conduct yourself with proper ‘Reiho’ (courtesy and respect), and pursue a path of self improvement.
  • What do I need? To start, the kyudo group will provide the equipment you need. All you’ll really need at the first class are good socks and long pants made of synthetic material / not jeans. The uniforms you wear to tae kwon do / weapon practice will be suitable to start. Over time, if you decide to pursue Kyudo seriously, we will encourage you to start collecting your own equipment so that the club items can be available for newcomers.
  • Are there entry requirements? The smallest size yumi come in is more than two meters tall, so archers need to be at least 5 feet tall to be able to participate. There is not necessarily an age restriction, but most clubs recommend not starting kyudo until age 16 or later. We have had some success with archers as young as 14. Shooters should also have healthy shoulders, elbows and wrists. There is no maximum age except what a person’s physical health permits.
  • What are the costs? We recommend a $20 donation per month towards the cost of maintaining and collecting new club equipment. After several introductory classes, if you decide Kyudo is something you wish to pursue, we will require you to join the American Kyudo Renmei. Annual membership is $35 for first-year individuals, and $50 for returning members. If you wish to also take classes in Cedar Rapids on Sundays, you can register through the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Play! program. The cost averages $6- $7 per class for gymnasium use.

Here’s a trailer for one of the better documentaries about kyudo which can give you a sense for what kyudo looks like, and its ethos: