Upcoming Tournaments


 Why You Should Attend!

Whether it’s Tae Kwon-Do, hockey, chess, writing, or playing the piano, I believe competition will make you better at your craft. Hard work and practice are vital, but it’s only when you compete against others that you’ll truly learn your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s normal to be nervous before your first competition.

Form Competition & Sparring

One category of competition doesn’t involve sparring. During a Form Competition, you’ll go up against others on the performance of your patterns, much like a gymnastics event. You’re judged individually on your accuracy, strength, balance, and coordination. It’s highly competitive, beautiful, and inspiring to watch. People of all ages participate, from three years of age to ninety.

For sparring, there are many entry levels ranging from no contact to full-contact. There is continuous sparring as well as a point based system where participants stop and reset after each point earned.

Tournaments are actually quite fun. You’ll meet other students from different schools, all learning and training just like you. Friendships form. The martial arts community is a close-knit tribe.

Go watch a tournament and see for yourself. The only requirement needed to participate is the desire to get better.

2019 Highlights

Jungs Taekwondo Championship Cedar Rapids – Mireu Martial Arts brought home Team Poomsae Grand Champion Trophy