Home Rules for Promotion Testing


Each belt level must memorize below numbered Home Rules for Promotion Testing.
For children ages 4 to 15

White – Yellow: Rules 1 and 2
Orange and Orange High: Rules 3 and 4
Green and Green High: Rules 5 and 6
Blue and Blue High: Rules 7 and 8
Brown and Brown High: Rules 9 and 10
Red and Above: All Home Rules


  1. Children will respect parents and family members at all times.
  2. Children will greet their parents when they enter the house and say goodbye when they leave.
  3. Children will be truthful at all times.
  4. Children will maintain a good relationship with their brothers and sisters.
  5. Children must help will household chores.
  6. Children will keep their own room neat and clean.
  7. Children must keep their body, hair, and teeth clean at all times.
  8. Children will not interrupt adult conversations.
  9. Children will study their school work at school and at home.
  10. Children must show respect for teachers and peers at all times.
  11. Children should always finish what they have started.

Promotion Testing Prepare

Practice makes you better at Taekwondo……

Link below….
Poomsae Form Meaning and videos so you can practice at home.

Practice regularly (at home). Go to class every week – that goes without saying. But you should also practice at home, whenever you can spare the time. My experience both as a student and an instructor is that people who practice their Taekwondo at home get better a lot faster than their TKD peers. Especially their cardio and flexibility.

Promotion Testing: You will be asked to demonstrate techniques on Curriculum.

Promotion Testing every 2 months upon approval at pre-test Monday prior to scheduled testing day

Items you must bring: (Monday prior to testing)

  • Completed House Chore Checklist – signed by parent
  • Volunteer Verification Form- signed by percipient of your volunteer effort

Testing fee/Testing Application (Thursday prior to testing)

Full uniform and belt on testing day (Sparring equipment if Yellow belt or higher)

Tenets of Martial Arts


Children and Adults you will learn Tenets of martial arts:

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Indomitable Spirit